Shekinah Brown ( Cosmetics Engineer)

One word to describe my life changing experience....POWERFUL!  The feeling of abundance and wealth just oozes from me.

Helinna Tate ( Operations Manager) ~ Talk about a complete system reboot...WOW! I slept a lot after my soul clearing session. The entire week up until this date, I kept having outburst of laughter. It was the first time in years that the rape of my youth, was no longer an emotional hindrance for me. I feel this incredible glowing presence within me that I've never felt before. I can't thank you enough

​​Mary Jordan ( Daycare Owner)

I just had my Rivers Of Living Water clearing and it's all still processing. So far, I'm honestly in awe. Marquieta is a true woman of God.

  • Renee Banks ( Financial Consultant )~ Trying to type this without crying. I was just an angry person everyday and could not get a grip on my emotions. I don't know if it was the past abuse of my ex-husband or the death of my mother but I was angry at life and God. Marquieta's work went through me like thunder and lightening. Never have I had this much peace and calm within me. Never. I feel so refined. Thank you.

Megan Johnson (Orlando Police Officer) ~ Marquieta you're a walking Angel...I'm sure of it. Whoa! is all that I can say.

Lillian Walker ( Hair Stylist) ~  Working with Marquieta has truly been a life changing experience. I feel like a new weightless and carefree. I've never experienced anything like this before so I was skeptical, but she is the real deal. ​​

The soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond, and must be polished, or the luster of it will never appear.” -Daniel Defoe