Benefits of working privately with Marquieta

  • ​Increased confidence joy, peace, and a sense of purpose.
  • A greater knowing of who you are, why you are, and guidance on how to live your best life.
  • Exposure to Marquieta's High vibration naturally lifts your spirit and ignites your dormant faculties.
  • Free your soul of lower densities and remove blocks to a life of abundance.
  • The gift of unparalleled wisdom, insight, and knowledge that reaches the depths of your spirit to bring forth transformation and lasting change.


Discover the new and upgraded you as we remove emotional blocks, generational karma and mental thought processes that prevent you from living a life of wholeness and complete fulfillment. Many of us know the scripture " Be ye transformed, by the renewal of your mind"...but few of us know how to really be free from tormenting thought patterns, and habitual ways of thinking that paralyze our lives, and keep us doing laps in the wilderness.

  • In this session I'll share secrets that have been hidden for generations that have kept the feminine from reigning in the earth.
  • Clear your energy field and body of emotional baggage, trauma. and unforgiveness.
  • Unplug you from the matrix of fear and delusion.
  • Awaken your soul to the highest frequency possible for man by the alchemical power of love.


Did you KNOW that your body is very much like a computer that can be upgraded and cleared?. I use a very old and powerful tool that God "LITERALLY" gave me that has the power to transmute debilitating life experiences and purge old memories and stagnant energies off of your body to unlock the joy, peace, and internal guidance system of your soul.

In this intensive session we'll:

  • Discuss the many many benefits of practicing this ( sacred) tool everyday.
  • I'll share with you my powerful first experience using this instant healing practice.
  • I'll sing healing songs into your spirit and subconscious mind.
  • I will minister to you through sacred humming as you go through this  process yourself.

Excellence is the standard by which I live and do my work, and if I deliver anything less than that...I'll refund you %100 percent of your money back. ~ Marquieta Banks 

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   Get ready to experience life on a grand new scale as we disconnect you from the collective consciousness of debt and poverty, and plug you into the vibration of opulence and wealth.  On this call, we'll remove limiting beliefs that stop the flow of all good things coming to you, and ignite you into the vibration of a miraculous life with grace and ease .

  • In this session we'll unleash your full potential and uncover hidden treasures within. We will birth a new you as we tap into the love of you, the power of you, the joy of you, the miracle that is YOU, the glory of you, the very essence of who you are.
  • We'll unlock your sacred treasure centers that will assist you in conceiving natural birth if you've struggled in the past, and birthing your dreams into this dimension.
  • I'll share with you hidden secrets that will align you with the vibration of wealth and miracles...that will literally lay blessings at your feet.
  • You'll gain knowledge of the laws of the universe that will shift your perspective on life, and remind you of the scepter of power that you had all along, but forgot.
  • I'll sing and tone the song of remembrance that will allow you to recall your ancient self, and better receive it's guidance.