This is an engaging group tele-conference call that will take place Saturday July 7th From 8:00-10:00 pm (EST). You will have the opportunity to ask me personal questions 101 related to your personal situation.

I created this course with you in mind. Imagine a place where a group of conscious women can come together to receive the love, nurturing and support that we all deserve. This will be that place. God heard your prayer for more, which is why I wanted to make this group affordable and powerful.
If you've tried to work with me individually before, you know how very expensive just one hour with me is. In a community of over half a million people, it's impossible to work with everyone, this group allows me to reach more people that have requested coaching with me. the words of T.D. Jakes ( Get ready, Get ready, Get ready) God is doing a new thing in you. SAY YES TO GOD, AND SAY YES TO YOURSELF for a one time fee of only ($50.00 for the first 20 participants ONLY!

What is Confidence Coaching specifically?Confidence Coaching is a type of personal development support more strategically focused than general life coaching in which the client learns how to take full ownership of their gifts, their story and their future. Confidence Coaching is teaching the art of finding success in the face of failure, rising when you have fallen, looking at yourself with renewed enthusiasm and esteem and learning how to say not just “I can,” but “I will.” Williams is a global women's empowerment and business coach, which is why she is the perfect fit for anyone looking to take their confidence and courage to the next level.


Confidence Coaching is a type of accountability and life coaching in which you are coached to pursue the full possibility of your potential in whatever area of life you want to excel. Confidence coaching is a mentorship based relationship in which we will work together to help you transform your confidence, how you feel about yourself and how confidently and courageously you pursue your potential.  I work only with seriously motivated individuals that are serious about leveling up in their confidence, and transforming their lives. 

Williams works only with seriously motivated individuals or companies in the following areas of confidence:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership and team building
  • Personal goal accountability
  • General personal development
  • Body image acceptance
  • Breaking free from perfectionism
  • Social and / or dating and relationship confidence
  • Weight loss or body fat reduction related to a fitness or performance goal
  • Confidence support for network marketers

As your coach, in whatever capacity that looks like, I take the opportunity to be a voice of influence in your life very seriously and with great honor.You can expect that I will be your number one cheerleader and that I will hold you to whatever standards of achievement you wish to reach. In our coaching and consulting sessions, you can expect my full attention, probing questions and dynamic conversation about how to make and implement positive change. This tele call is 120 power packed minutes in length, it will include homework and actionable items for immediate implementation as well as personalized and creative measures for accountability. Additionally, everything disclosed in our sessions will be in full confidence and held private, unless you grant specific permission to share anything with others. My greatest desire is to help you grow and develop into the best version of yourself possible in all areas of life. 

Note: This course has reached the maximum amount of participants. Keep a look out for the next Master Course.