Marquieta Williams is a certified transformational life and wellness coach, LOA teacher, Angel intuitive, and advanced Spiritual Healer that's committed to transforming lives in every way. She started Woman Know Thyself out of the desire of her heart to see the lives of women and young girls transformed in every way. Her personal story is one of triumph and victory. She's survived being taken away from everything that she knew and loved, separated from her parents, siblings and family, moving around in DCFS over 16 times, multiple addictions, physical abuse and chronic depression. She arose from the ashes and said yes to life. She always believed that through it all, God had a plan...and indeed He did. He had one of deliverance and profound transformation for His daughter. He had a plan to get the glory out of it all.  Marquieta did the work that it took to return to her natural state of wholeness, love, and joy, and she shares these powerful tools, and her story to bring hope and deliverance to the world.